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Make 2012 the Year of Eliminating Disorganization Blunders


By Amanda Schoonover, Director of Technology at Lynn Imaging

One of the reasons we often mess up or something gets lost is because we are not organized; not difficult to figure that out, or its just simply off of our radar and we are going for the next bright shiny object in our path.  You know who you are.

What to do?  Enlist the help of Lynn Imaging’s eSuite to help you stay organized, keep track, manage documents, and stay above water!  Lynn Imaging’s eSuite is software in this technology age that truly helps you stay ahead of your game.  The ease of use of eShare, eDistribution, eCommunication, File Hold helps you in any phase of a design and construction project.  You can be more efficient in the following tasks:

  • transferring and organizing files
  • tracking activity on newly added, deleted or modified documents
  • managing your bids
  • increasing communication efforts
  • monitoring the status of an item
  • filing and searching your documents

Why not potentially avoid this year’s biggest disorganization blunders?  Change your focus to productivity, proactive tasks, staying ahead, being prepared and being on top of your game where you belong.  Find out how Lynn Imaging’s eSuite can be customized to your organizational needs.


Check out our eSuite of products online at http://www.lynnimaging.com/technology/

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