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eShare: Dont Miss This!


Phone Call #8: “I couldn’t find it there.  Can you just email it to me?”

You are in the middle of working on a large project and it happens.  You receive the phone call, “Can you tell me where that file is again?  I don’t see it.  Can you just email it to me?”

Using traditional file transferring methods are becoming antiquated and cumbersome that still requires lots of emails and phone calls between you and your recipient to clarify the latest and greatest files.  It’s almost no different than looking at a stack of paper drawings and trying to find your latest version in the midst of deadlines, phone calls and emails.  Let eShare be your simple file transfer tool.  Upon logging in, see immediate file activity, drag and drop and download files, send emails with links and utilize the dashboard for multiple projects.


How many times will it take before you have seen enough?  Utilize easy technology with a secure sign in and easily communicate with your project team.  Create folders, limit permissions, view latest activity, view thumbnails.  Make eShare your next Project File Sharing site.  Technology is here to help you.  Lynn Imaging makes it easy.  That’s catchy, and so true!  Start using Lynn Imaging’s eShare File Transfer tool today and ask about your free trial!



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