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A Word of Caution when you are working “Electronically”



A word of caution when you are working “Electronically”

As in many commercial businesses, electronic files, such as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, have enabled communication processes to be more paperless now than in years past.  Have you ever considered that this trend is complicating the communication process even worse now than ever?

Think about your email for a moment.  Multi-million dollar projects sometimes hinge on an email, its attachment and time stamp.  At the same time, important deadlines are easily missed, items for approval are getting lost or overlooked, and expensive litigation is transpiring due to improper documentation and lack of accountability when communicating through email.  Is there software capable of handling and organizing project documentation electronically that is easy (especially for those of you who can barely use a computer)?  Yes.

After launching eCommunication software more than two years ago, end users are experiencing easy access to project information and documents in a central online project site.  As a result, the following outcomes are being realized:

  • Emails are used appropriately, as action notifications with embedded links to files and processing options.
  • Large files are uploaded and downloaded easily and available for viewing.
  • “Ball-In-Court” responsibility is clear for all items such as Submittals and RFI’s.
  • Time and date stamps are noted with all activity that’s taken place.
  • Dashboards are used to see items in process and to quickly view deadlines.
  • Electronic project document closeout is now done with a click of a mouse.

After 65 years, Lynn Imaging acknowledges the value of communication in our customers’ businesses, who also require minimal training investment to keep up with a demanding work schedule.  Imagine the freedom from email and experiencing the ease of eCommunication on your next project, all hosted and protected by Lynn Imaging.  How much could it really save you?

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