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2014 Louie Sponsor

Lynn Imaging’s Monster Color is this years Tier 1 sponsor for the Louies!

The 40th Annual Louie Awards are Friday, February 28, 2014 at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.  Lynn Imaging’s Monster Color has signed on again as a Tier 1 sponsor of the event.  From the Louisville Ad Fed website, it describes the Louies as a creative competition for the advertising industry and provide you with the opportunity to showcase your best work. Winning a Louie is the first step in the three-tiered American Advertising Awards creative competition, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, with the competition culminating at the AAF national conference in June.

Joanne Underwood, Executive Account Manager for Monster Color is this year’s President of the Louisville Ad Federation.


Q: What has been the best part of being President of AAF-Louisville this year?

A: The best part is the opportunity to fully understand and analyze the inner workings of the organization in whole.  I have the privilege of learning how well the club balances educational programs, networking events, and good old fashioned “fun”.  I’m very fortunate to be at the helm of an incredibly talented and driven Executive Committee, Staff, Officers, and Board of Directors.  We have the most ambitious and energetic team in the country.


Q: Monster Color has been a big sponsor of the Louies for years, why is this event important for Lynn Imaging’s Monster Color?

A: Monster Color needs advertising just as much as advertising needs Monster Color.  The Louie’s are a great fit for us as we have the distinct honor to support those who support us.  We’ve enjoyed years of printing some of the best award winning pieces the country has to offer, and that creative talent is right here in Louisville.  It’s an honor and support the best of the best on their special night.


Q: Why do you love the Louies (one of AAF-Louisville’s Signature Events)?

A:  The Louie’s are the first step of a 3 tiered national competition called the American Advertising Awards.  Louisville agencies are among the best in the country and this is their night to prove it!  This is all about the work, the quality and creative talent Louisville has to offer.  It’s exciting to see all their hard work awarded in a formal setting.


Q: What are you most looking forward to at this years’ Louie’s?

A: Well, that’s a tough question.  When you’re dealing with creative minds…you just never know what to expect next.  I’m looking forward to seeing Louisville’s best creative work displayed for all to see and to once again shake my head in awe of how in the world they can come up with such clever and compelling work.  It just never ceases to amaze me, and it never will.


To learn more about this year’s Louie competition, check out Louisville’s Advertising Federation Website by clicking here




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