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The Alltech International Symposium

As always, the 2015 Alltech International Symposium was a huge success — and we’re honored to serve as the graphics and installation provider for this awesome event.
Experts came from around the world for this symposium to discuss the future of business and agriculture.

Bring your graphics to life, with custom cut shapes.
Needless to say, we’re excited to be here.
In partnering to make this event such a huge success, we’ve provided two types of graphics:
1. Direct-Print Graphics: To increase print quality and bring vibrant colors to your advertising, we print directly onto your ad space (rather than printing onto paper and pasting it onto a board). We consult with our customers on every project—taking into account durability, crowd accessibility, weather exposure, and how long the graphic needs to last. In other words, we help you determine the best possible materials for your project and your budget.
2. Custom-Cut Graphics: Giving shape to your advertisement grabs attention and sets it apart from the square graphics that are everywhere. So Monster Color creates custom shapes for many of the graphics we print for our clients. From farm animals to the shape of a person (like Jared from Subway), we’ve done it all—and we can cut your next project into any shape you can dream up.
It’s been a blast creating the graphics for the Alltech International Symposium. And we can’t wait to bring these same expert methods to your next project.

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