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Get to Know Amanda: Part 2

Communicating in a Digital World
We recently posted part 1 of our Spotlight on Amanda. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here. But there’s still more to say!
Amanda also serves as our director of technology and e)Communication specialist. And these roles provide a perfect compliment to her expertise in Construction Information Management.
Amanda is skilled at translating construction projects into digital content—which makes sharing, managing, and collaborating on your project in the digital world not just possible, but easy. In an age where business and communication happen online, Amanda’s focus on communicating effectively in the digital world is invaluable to our team and our clients.
And she does all this while living out an incredible life story. Last time we shared some quick facts about Amanda’s celebrity look-alike and her battle with breast cancer. Here are a few more interesting bits of trivia that reveal how inspiring, loving, and funny Amanda truly is:
· Favorite TV series: Most reality TV. And Celebrity Apprentice.
· What’s one book that’s impacted you? I’m more of a magazine reader, not a book reader.
· When did you first come to Lynn Imaging? 1992
· What was your childhood ambition? Be an attorney
· Proudest moment: Watching my 7 year-old son become a boy of integrity, strength, and compassion.
· What inspires you? Jesus, and doing the right thing.
· What’s your biggest challenge? Discipline.
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