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When building a multi-million dollar project, can I really get out from under the trap of email overload and the fear of losing track of everything I have to get done?

As in many commercial businesses, electronic files have enabled communication processes to be more paperless now than in years past. However, as this trend picks up its pace, the project manager in a design and construction project may often face an ever growing email account and lack of organization due to the lack of good options in place to communicate.
As a result, files may not be transferred appropriately and timely, most current document versions may not be apparent to all team members, important items may be lost or overlooked, and expensive litigation can transpire due to improper documentation and lack of accountability. Ultimately, a communication process such as this can potentially cost a lot of money to the project owner.
Many project team members are recognizing the need for a simple process, eliminating these risks, that handle documented workflows, large file transfers, and easy processes that, most importantly, make sense to the average computer-intelligent end user, beyond email capability.
After serving the facilities management industry for 69 years, Lynn Imaging has acknowledged the value of communication for their customers, who also demand minimal training investment, a central place for files, automatic email notifications, electronic document management and closeout, with its eCommunication software as a service.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Cabinet for Finance and Administration, Department for Facilities and Support Services, Division of Engineering and Contract Administration implemented eCommunication in July 2015. Since then, their end users have experienced an easy and central place for document placement and access, increased project team accountability, reduced liability risks with documented user activity, a greener process eliminating mail and print costs, reduced phone calls and emails, and a refined communication process.

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