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Instructions on how to upload files

To upload files, go to LynnImaging.com or Monster-Color.com and click on the “Upload files” button on the top right of the home page. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge. We also recommended that you have the latest version of Java, for the free Java download go to java.com.
Once you have the form open, fill out the fields that pertain to your project. All of the fields that are underlined in red are required. At the bottom of the form you should see a box that will allow you to add your files. If you do not see this box, it means you are not using one of the browsers mentioned above, or you do not have the latest version of Java.
There will also be a comment/notes box to include any information or questions for our production or customer service team.
Once you have selected your files and they appear in the box, select “place order and upload files”. The system will notify our First Impressions Team and they will prepare a production job ticket to get your project moving through to completion. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.
Contact our First Impressions Team:
Call: 859.255.1021 or 800.888.0693
E-mail: info@lynnimaging.com

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