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Lynn Imaging's Service Team

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Lynn Imaging is reseller and service provider for large format printers.  We take pride in the equipment we sell and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  Lynn Imaging’s customer service has set us apart from our competition for the 70 years we have been in business.
Lynn Imaging offers Preventative Maintenance plans to those who rent or buy large format printers from us.  Preventative maintenance extends the life of your machine, improves print quality, and minimizes downtime.  One of our experts from our service team will arrive at your office and preform a thorough cleaning and inspection of your machine.
We highly recommend this to protect the investment you have made, and to keep the machine running efficiently and as long as possible.  Our service department is always here to help. Call (800) 888-0693 or email info@lynnimaging.com for assistance.

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