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Lynn Imaging Platinum Sponsor of 39th Annual KBT Conference

Kentuckian for Better Transportation (KBT) is looking forward to hosting its 39th Annual Kentucky Transportation Conference at the Lexington Marriott Griffin Gate Hotel. The conference will begin Wednesday evening January 18th with a reception and conclude after the luncheon on Friday January 20th.
The annual conference is the only forum of its kind in The Commonwealth. It is the one time of the year that close to 500 top level executives, community leaders and elected officials gather in one place to focus on the important role a safe, efficient, multimodal transportation network plays in improving economic development and quality of life for all Kentucky Communities.
KBT specifically designs the conference to bring together those that represent all modes of transportation throughout the areas. These modes are air transportation, highways, local streets and roads, bridges, public transit, railways, waterways and riverports. This year’s conference is supported by over 100 sponsors and exhibitors which include the following Platinum Sponsors, Lynn Imaging/Monster Color, Stantec and Scotty’s Concrete and Stone.
Since 1990, the conference has had the distinct pleasure of hosting The Kentucky Transportation Hall of Fame awards. Each year, the Kentucky Transportation Center recognizes professionals who have dedicated their time, knowledge, and creativity to provide an efficient and safe transportation system within the Commonwealth
Information about the 39th Annual Kentucky Transportation Conference may be found at www.kbtnet.org.

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