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Why Print in Color

Printing Construction Documents in Color
Printing Construction Documents in Color, image by Lynn Imaging




7 Benefits of Printing Construction Documents in Color


In the past, printing in color rather than black and white was viewed as a luxury some could not afford. Today, with our enhanced printing technology, the benefits of printing IN COLOR far outweigh the costs. Specifically, the capabilities of the HP PageWide Printer make this premium printing possible.

Here are 7 reasons you should be printing your construction documents, specs and other related files, in color:

1. Reduce errors.

Printing in color results in fewer errors—80 percent error reduction CAD, to be specific. You can rely on the proven HP PageWide technology for dependable high-speed printing in today’s demanding printing environment.

2. Display 3D color images AND drawings on one page.

By consolidating color and black-and-white prints into one workflow, you can eliminate manual steps and minimize the number of printed pages you need for these documents since you can display 3D color images and the drawing on one page.

3. Retain colors at higher rates. 

When printing in color, 65 percent of the color is retained at higher rates. Likewise, the HP PageWide Printer delivers mixed monochrome and color sets in 50 percent of the time when using a consolidated workflow.

4. Increased brand recognition.

Black-and-white prints are dull. Increase brand recognition and beautify your documents and large-format items by printing in color. This way, your prints will be visually distinguishable from other companies.

5. Enhanced clarity.

Color prints enhance the clarity of the graphics, which leaves less room for confusion and prevents you from providing lengthy explanations. The HP PageWide Printer guarantees sharp colors, crisp lines, fine details and fine grayscales.

6. Reduce failure cost on building.

Working with color documents rather than black-and-white, reduces the failure costs on the building by 3.9 percent.

7. Save money.

Last, but certainly not least, printing your documents in color will save you money. In fact, every $1 invested in color printing, yields $4 of saving for a given project. Equipped with long-life printheads and high ink efficiency, the HP PageWide printer enables you to save up to 50 percent in total production costs!

So, forget the outdated black-and-white construction documents and invest in color printing to improve the overall quality of your project. Give us a call today for more information!

*Special thanks to our partner, Alabama Graphics for sharing this article with us!

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