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Our First Giveaway : A Review

We got to spend part of our October looking at pictures of cute pets. It had a purpose though. We held our first contest with the community with a giveaway! It involved pets, costumes and an Amazon gift card.

At the end of September we decided we wanted to do something fun for the month of October involving Halloween. With that, we landed on a pet costume contest. We made posts announcing it asking users to follow our Instagram or like our Facebook page, post a public photo of their pet dressed up and use the hashtag “#MonsterColorPets”.



It started slow, but we then promoted it more and even posted it to a community Facebook page and we started getting lots of fun pictures.


(From user Kylie Bossert)

When the end of the month neared, we gave one last opportunity to enter the contest. From there we picked a winner. The company decided that the best pet costume went to Kimberly and her pet, “Miss Mia Meow”. Mia rocked the costume and looks like kitty royalty!


(From winner, Kimberly)


Overall, our first giveaway was a blast and while it was on the smaller side, it was our first one and we are happy with the results. We look forward to making this an annual contest and continue seeing all the cute pets dressed up.

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