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Get Ready To Wrap With Lynn Imaging & Monster Color

This holiday season we decided to bring out our custom Lynn Imaging & Monster Color wrapping paper in combination to our winter service project with Ronald McDonald House.

We shared earlier how Lynn Imaging & Monster Color was working with local businesses to support the Ronald McDonald House. During this we acted as a location for anyone to drop off their donations to. We didn’t want to just have a box, we wanted to spice it up in a Lynn Imaging & Monster Color manner by wrapping our donation boxes in custom wrapping paper.










We used a white background and included the colorful logos to showcase who we are working with and show what we are doing.

The wrapping paper turned out so great, we kept it going and wrapped some present boxes to display under our festive tree in the lobby.












Custom wrapping paper not only helped us showcase what we’re doing this holiday season but it was a fun way to be creative.

If you’re interested in taking your holiday season to the next level, reach out to Lynn Imaging & Monster Color to discuss how you can create a custom wrapping paper.


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